Moving Image Archive




The National Library of Scotland’s visual department falls under the remit of the Moving Image Archive, an entity that exists within Glasgow’s newly refurbished Kelvin Hall. It’s a rich resource that is massively underused and undervalued.


Alongside that fact the overall branding and vision of the Archive is no way near indicative of what it should be - dry, archaic and boring - Neither does it reflect it’s new surroundings in Kelvin Hall. My brief was to re-brand the Archive and instil a new sense of importance and highlight what the archive had to offer.


My branding immediately focused on the crux of the Archive, the rich imagery it has gathered over the years and utilise that as the main focal point of the brand, utilising simple typography as an accompaniment. As a key element of the project I created an expanded typeface that represents the elongation of time, a key notion in video.