Money & Power Season


Logo Design


For this project I was required to create a logo and a loose brand guideline for the BBC World Service's Money and Power Season. The Money and Power season is the result of the Creative Challenge 2018, consisting of content ideas submitted by BBC staff which will be produced across TV, radio and online platforms. The attached document comprises synopses of the winning content ideas. The season focuses in on the power of money: how money impacts upon a variety of aspects of life – including education, family, love, health, marriage, and, indeed, teeth. Its power is universal – it affects us all, for better and for worse, and none of us is immune to it.


My logo looked at the flow of money, how it changes hands and how it moving forward can change and influence peoples lives. The flowing motif also represents the bar charts that we so often associated with the stock industry, and how these unpredictable movements can create both joy and happiness in the people it touches. Another motif is that of DNA strands questioning what is the human and intrinsic make up as well as the cost of Power and Money. The colour scheme incorporated tones swatched from banknotes around the world to create a syntax that was sympathetic to the subject.