BBC One Out of Home Visual Identity







Victoria Stout

Veronica Law

BBC One is the oldest and original home of British television and airs and produces some of the UKs most popular TV shows.  However the face of linear broadcast is a changing, especially in the age of Netflix and Amazon Prime, both of which buy and air BBC content branded in their own liveries.


The question is simple, in an age where young people are increasingly turning away from linear content, how do we reappraise and redirect people to the origin of this content - BBC One.


To do this BBC One have decided to increase their spend on print and digital Out of Home media, and with that refresh their image to create a cohesive visual that defines who BBC One is and differentiates them from their competitors. Working alongside Victoria Stout & Veronica Law we were tasked to refresh the BBC Ones print portfolio to create something that was youthful, dynamic and intrinsically one.


My route explored how we utilised the BBC One typeface to produce a linear language, the only problem with the typeface was that it only had two weights both too subtle for the job at hand. I set about adding a stroke to the typeface to create one that was punchier than before, helping it hold it's own in addition to the creative that it accompanies. Utilising the One typeface an asset that already has existing recognition but elevating it to something that can pull together a visual language.